Monday, October 27, 2014

ArcGIS 10 Map cache relocation failure

Earlier today I noticed some problems with my ArcGIS environment.  Specifically, my map cache location had been changed to the root of a drive letter I don't have, and it wouldn't let me change it back.  Any attempt to change it to a location that actually existed resulted in an error message stating the location was unavailable or I didn't have permission to access it.

Turns out, the location it couldn't access wasn't the new, correct one, it was the old, non-existent one.  When I connected a USB drive and changed it's drive letter to the one it was looking for, it then let me change the location.  I've moved all caches to my new SSD.  Normally I wouldn't do that, for fear of wearing it out prematurely, but this new Samsung 850 has a ten year warranty.

If anyone runs into this problem, the specific error message is here.  Hopefully Google will index it and you'll find it.  For me it was another problem no one has ever had before.

Window Title:  Cache Path for Display Cache
Message:  Can not apply cache changes. Cache might be used by other process, access to cache folder is restricted or entered settings are not valid.

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